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SPEEDWELL launches the sales for GLENWOOD ESTATE, a premium villa complex in Corbeanca

SPEEDWELL, one of the leading real estate developers in Romania, launches sales for GLENWOOD ESTATE, a new premium villa project near Bucharest, in Corbeanca featuring a  total of 209 villas, 50 of them being built in Phase One. The construction works are estimated to kick off in spring, with first units to be delivered early 2025. The initial stage of the project will require a 21 million euros investment, while the total value is estimated at 94 million euros.  This new development presents a unique approach that focuses on safety, comfort, sustainability and design that fosters a connection to nature.

Located in Corbeanca, a privileged area surrounded by greenery, the ensemble will be developed on a 14-hectare land plot that has direct access and visibility to the Ostratu Lake, just a few kilometres away from the Capital. GLENWOOD ESTATE is a safe, gated community that includes a mix of premium standalone villas, with low height regime enveloped in lush greenery – wide, enclosed gardens, and public parks. The design is another factor that makes the project stand out. Inspired by organic shapes, the concept features slow bended private streets, footpaths made for pedestrian use, bike lanes, natural colours and materials, all brought out by special lighting.

The villas are spread throughout the project and benefit from a carefully planned layout that prioritizes spacious living. With significant distances between each house, residents can enjoy privacy and an intimate atmosphere that fosters a tranquil living experience.

Thanks to its proximity to the existing community, the GLENWOOD ESTATE residents will have access to already present facilities, such as kindergartens, convenience stores, public parks, pharmacies, restaurants, and other services, part of the Corbeanca commune.

“We are excited to extend our residential portfolio nearby Bucharest, in Corbeanca, by building GLENWOOD ESTATE, a project for families and professionals that yearn for a quiet and natural environment close to the busy life of the capital city. The new complex of villas will be swiftly integrated within the existing community and this comes with access to a wide selection of facilities and open green areas. All villas will have direct access and openness to the Ostratu Lake, which adds tremendous value to the life of the future residents. We are starting the sales for the new homes and we are confident to deliver the first ones by 2025.”, said Didier Balcaen, CEO and Co-Founder of SPEEDWELL

The GLENWOOD ESTATE villas will be built on plots of 322 to 557 sqm, with net surfaces ranging from 140 to 220 sqm, with 4 to 5 rooms. The villas will benefit from top-quality materials, following a high-end design and finishes, with soft, natural colours, well fit in the natural surroundings. Since the backbone of the community is already created, GLENWOOD ESTATE will predominantly be a residential development. The villa plots include at least two private parking spaces for residents, with parking for visitors as well. More supporting facilities, such as sports areas and restaurants will be integrated in later stages.

“After just launching our 2022 Sustainability Report, articulated by a consistent Sustainability Strategy, our future developments will take into consideration actions that support the mission we set for ourselves in this direction. One of our most ambitious goals is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and GLENWOOD ESTATE is one of the first projects that will be developed under these new criteria. The strong sustainability component is aligned with our goals as a developer, as well as with the inherit characteristics of the area surrounding the new premium residential project, next to the Ostratu Lake, that offers accessibility, at the same time, to important amenities in the proximity of Bucharest’s suburbs.” said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder of SPEEDWELL

The concept of the new development is in line with the SPEEDWELL’s primary goal of improving the health and well-being of customers and communities. GLENWOOD ESTATE will be further developed under the Green Homes standards. Similar to all SPEEDWELL’s projects, the concept has been created with the community’s well-being in mind, displaying a high degree of comfort, besides the sustainability component. In this direction, GLENWOOD ESTATE inhabitants will enjoy premises that have been designed to both reduce impact on the environment, while creating an efficient system for the utility costs. This will be achieved by installing photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, re-use of rainwater, and other alike initiatives. Protecting the nature around and limiting the project’s impact on the environment are the two core principles the company has vouched to respect from the beginning of the project.

SPEEDWELL completed and has in different stages of development more than 10 large projects at national level, such as RECORD PARK in Cluj-Napoca, PALTIM in Timisoara, MIRO, THE IVY, TRIAMA, and SPACEPLUS in Bucharest. The company has recently launched sales for another premium development situated in the nature-loved heart of Bucharest, THE MEADOWS, the second project for which the company will employ NZEB (nearly zero carbon emissions) initiatives to protect the natural beauty within the city, as well as the surrounding biodiversity.

For more info on GLEWOOD ESTATE go to the website. 


SPEEDWELL has a large portfolio of developments in Romania that includes RECORD PARK in Cluj-Napoca, TRIAMA Residence, THE IVY, MIRO, THE MEADOWS, CITYZEN, and SPACEPLUS in Bucharest, GLENWOOD Estate in Corbeanca, PALTIM and another recently announced project in Timisoara, and RIVERSIDE City in Ramnicu-Valcea.


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