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I approach the projects as an architect and an urbanist and not as an economical asset.

Jan Demeyere


After 20 years of experience in Eastern Europe and 25 years of experience in real estate Didier Balcaen and Jan Demeyere joined forces and founded Speedwell. They have combined the rationality and the creativity to create an unique team and become an a-typical developer. Speedwell has grown to be a team with in-house architects, designers, legal and fiscal advisors, an in-house commercial team and project managers, thus covering the full spectrum of the real estate development process.

Our challenges

The challenges; ecological and urbanistic for countries emerging from the postmodern communistic era are immense. A part of the urban history has been erased and replaced with a postmodern vision that has surpassed its purpose.

50% of the world population lives in cities and it will increase even more over the next decade.

We aim to restore that history by repolishing the hidden values of urban locations  and injecting new life by adding different functions; residential, office, retail, recreation and public spaces.

We know more about the living habitat of the mountain gorilla, then we know about the living habitat of the people in cities


TOD stands for transit oriented development and means creating hubs of life around hubs of existing or future public transportation. We create these hubs by diversifying and mixing offices, retail and residences all together. This way we conceive a city within the city that not only benefits our projects, but extends far beyond our site borders.

What makes people enjoy a city, what makes people happy to live in a city. These are questions we have to address.

Our quest for excellence

Having jointly developed over 600 million euro worth of projects and 400 million euro in the pipeline, we don’t let the big numbers stand in the way of digging into every detail in our quest for excellence.

ESG Report 2022